What is Eurograders?

Eurograders is a global video game grading company specialized in the European continent, created due to the lack of a company of these characteristics in some countries such as Spain, Italy or France, at the present.

Given the enormous demand for a video game grading service in a large number of places in Europe, Eurograders has been created especially to be able to satisfy this demand and that users in these countries can count on a video game grading that is of quality and economically accessible to all.

What is grading a video game?

The grading of a video game is a process that consists in the qualification of the games and in assigning a specific grade, as well as certifying their veracity. This is because it is quite common for some people to try to sell inauthentic video games and they may even go so far as to use unofficial seals. It is therefore advisable to identify which are authentic and which are not.

Why is it important?

When it comes to selling one-of-a-kind pieces, it’s important to know that video games sold to other people will always have increasing value over time. This is because, generally, the grading processes are carried out by companies that have a certain reputation and prestige, which usually provides a huge degree of reliability to buyers. The verification code inserted in the label of each video game is one of the security elements of Eurograders to know if the video game has been verified by our technicians since it is in our database. Search for your code below to locate your game in our database.

A great security measure, made real for buyers and sellers, to protect the veracity of the product and the rating obtained.

Our process

Online Orders

In the online order you will request the rating of your video game by purchasing the service corresponding to your platform.


We receive the video game on which you have requested grading, always advising you to pack it in the best conditions and the order number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “any problem with the shipment by the customer, is at your expense and we are not responsible”.


Great experts in analysis, they review the video game from top to bottom, looking at every detail.


Here begins the area where we feel most comfortable, and where you will receive an unbiased and fair grade.


Checking all the details before sending your game back is essential for customer satisfaction.


We will try to send it as quickly as possible so that it reaches you as soon as possible.

Our Advantages

Eurograders stands out in the market for several reasons:

Seriousness and Commitment

Our shipments are much faster than those of other video game grading companies. Furthermore, we have much more competitive prices for users all over the world.

Fast Shipping

Our shipments are much faster than other video game grading companies, in addition to the fact that we have much more competitive prices for users worldwide.

We offer quality

It cannot be forgotten that the quality of the materials offered by Eurograders is, today, one of the best in the sector.

How to become a member of Eurograders?

Our company has three different types of subscription, divided into monthly, quarterly and yearly. Thanks to these, users who trust our services and become members of Eurograders, will be able to count on a large number of discounts, promotions and another series of advantages that should be taken into consideration in everything related to the grading of video games.

EuroGraders Scale


Services available

We offer a premium evaluation service for all types of platforms, so that you can protect and qualify your games in the best possible way.

Our major area of expertise is at your disposal to show you the best service currently available in the grading sector.

Experts in grading of all platforms that have been offered for sale in the sector, and with direct connection to manufacturers.

Many items are unique and difficult to evaluate, and we take care to fully customize this service for you.

Protecting and preserving our video games from any external damage is one of the biggest handicaps, which you will be able to solve with this service.

If the box of your graded video game breaks, don’t worry, put it in our hands.

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