1. The customer may unsubscribe by giving one month’s notice to customer service (contact forms, social networks). If the customer requests cancellation in “January” in February, he/she will not be charged for the following month’s subscription.
  2. https://eurograders.co.uk is not responsible for the loss of packages by the distribution services chosen by the user either in the first shipment or return of the service purchased, being responsible at all times the distributor. (Example: Distributor= UPS, SEUR, MRW…)
  3. https://eurograders.co.uk is not responsible for the replacement of the economic value of any video game, card, chrome, toy…) in case of loss by the distributor, being responsible for this replacement of economic value the distributor chosen by the user.
  4. https://eurograders.co.uk is not responsible for the deterioration suffered by the articles both in the first shipment to our offices, as in the return of the purchased service, being responsible for this deterioration or damage received by the distributor chosen by the user.
  5. No refund of the subscription service will be allowed in the event that it has been used for more than 16 days out of 30 calendar days.
  6. The establishment of a hyperlink, link, exchange, does not imply in any case the existence of relations between the managers of https://eurograders.co.uk and the owner of the website with which it is established, nor the acceptance and approval of its contents or services.
  7. https://eurograders.co.uk reserves the right to use images of the items received in its offices in its own social networks, before and after the service performed.
  8. No member of Eurograders is allowed to make video game rankings either directly or indirectly, and will be penalized with immediate expulsion from the organization.
  9. Any indication of falsification in the analysis of a video game, will lead to the return of the same, without return of money to the customer because the service has been performed.
  10. In case of the analysis and evaluation of a videogame, where we do not have the necessary knowledge to perform a successful grading, we will return the money for the service demanded, as well as the videogame sent for analysis.