Additional Services
Additional Services
What are additional services?

At Euograders we have a wide variety of additional services that you can add to your shopping cart that are an extra benefit for customers who want to enjoy a certified video game.

These are some of them:

These are some of them:

In this case a superficial cleaning will be done on the video game, removing dust, dirt, marker or any type of stain that affects the state of the video game.

Deep cleaning is mandatory in order to be able to grade a video game that has unofficial labels from the distributor, and that limit the visibility of the video game. In this case we focus mainly on removing unofficial price tags and other types of labels.

The certificate of authenticity verifies Eurograders grades in any video game, and is really useful to show a real authentication in the market. If you plan to sell someday, a certificate is essential.

This certificate of authenticity proves that the signature shown on the item is 100% real, original and true.

A case with UV+ ultraviolet protection is an advantage for leaving certified video games in sunny areas, thus avoiding the dreaded Sunfade.

A service to have a better protection of your collector’s item and avoid breakage, providing greater security in the state of the video game.

3 high quality photos of your uncertified video game, in 3 different angles, to keep it always in your memory.

3 high quality photos of your graduated video game, in 3 different angles, so you can always have them with you.

The Polybag plastic bag keeps your certified video game protected from all kinds of dirt over time.

Con este servicio el plazo de entrega se reduce considerablemente hasta en un 50% los plazos de entrega, siendo en España de 24 horas, en Europa de 3 días e internacionales de 5 días

When a case breaks, it loses the Eurograders authenticity guarantee, so we recommend you to replace it as soon as it breaks.

Essential service to see in more detail the damage that has the article, explained in great detail in location, size and type, and justifying in an accredited way the notes collected.

A cutting-edge technology that guarantees 90% less residue in the graduation, and also provides a plus of cleanliness and quality to the collector in his most valuable pieces.

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